September 2017: Trusting in the Lord….

September 26, 2017

Good morning and oops! I missed an update on our brief trip (August 15 -25) back to Ecuador. And, before we again return next week I’d like to briefly comment on that trip. As impetuous as it may seem, we ‘jetted’ back specifically for a very special wedding.

Possibly some of you remember dear Mayra and her husband “Pepe” who succumbed to a very rare cancer – neuro endocrine – at only 29 years of age after a dreadfully painful year. That was seven years ago.

Now, this was the wedding of Mayra and Jorge; and a few months earlier she literally begged us to be present. Jorge had also lost his spouse over a year ago to the same rare cancer – neuro endocrine – as Pepe. The cancer was discovered late in the second pregnancy of Jorge’s wife. . . she delivered their second daughter and did not even have a year with this new infant, their older daughter and Jorge. . . and she departed.

Mayra was reluctantly introduced to Jorge by friends. Their lovely wedding was only family and close friends – we were honored to be there. . . and felt Mayra was blessed with Jorge and his daughters and definitely (and obviously) vice versa.

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The evening before returning home Richard and I attended the Tuesday Evening church service. Pastor Carlos and Diana walked with us back to the clinic and our apartment. Oh my!! Do I understand what they are saying?!? I repeated what I thought they said. . . “Diana has been accepted into the nursing program at the Technical University and will not need sponsors except for needing a laptop and printer. . . This IS miracle material. Richard and I were momentarily trying to organize this in our minds, “How did this happen? Did we understand correctly? WOW!” I was recalling my last conversation with Pastor Carlos, “I know how concerned you are about us not having ALL the money for Diana’s education and I am not a ‘risk taker’, Carlos. But this is one time I feel in my heart that we MUST trust The Lord.” I recall his tears, nodding in agreement and then showing me numerous Bible passages to undergird both of our faith.

Yes! This is ‘miracle material.’ . . . We do have sufficient funds for Diana’s laptop, printer and uniforms. And however you viewed this, I KNOW He leadeth me! Our sincerest thanks for those who did donate and those who prayed. In reality, I am perplexed how this came about. . . But I can only smile and say, “Thank you, Father.” . . . It just did!

Elizabeth, Diana and her father Pastor Carlos

Elizabeth, Diana and her father Pastor Carlos









Prayer Requests:

*Thanksgiving for our FYTA Board Members who are invested and dedicated

to the impoverished of El Floron.

*Thanksgiving for our Medical Director, Dra. Silvia Venegas. Her wisdom, discernment and ‘going the extra mile’ has definitely impacted all of Buen Samaritano’s workings and staff.

*Please continue to pray for increased water distributors with the new avenues Richard will be implementing on this upcoming trip to increase water sales.

*As the Wheelchair Project continues please pray for His wisdom and discernment regarding a van for the handicapped. (I have run this by our Board of Directors and got their o.k. to investigate if this is even possible. . . we are in prayer knowing this is not just the cost of the handicapped van but upkeep, a driver, insurance, etc.)

*And if I could I would give each of you a hug. . . we know you are out there and we are more than thankful for each of you.

Dios los bendiga,

 Richard and Elizabeth Engkjer