Our Beginning

Daniel at 14 years old, in 1997.

“Yo Te Amo”, Colorado is an ‘American tentmakers’ organization inspired in March 1998 when Richard and Elizabeth Engkjer brought Daniel, a 14-year-old boy, to the US to be fitted for a prosthetic arm.

This single event culminated into a ministry that used the Engkjer’s professions to  minister to the 25,000 impoverished people of El Floron, Ecuador. The purpose of Fundación “Yo Te Amo”, Colorado is to bring the saving grace of Jesus Christ to the un-churched through medicine, medical missions and since 2004 they completed and now administrate the Buen Samaritano Clinic. The foundation is supported by churches and individuals like you that have a sincere desire to impact the severely impoverished at a significant grassroots level.

Buen Samaritano clinic

College student Bob Thayer with his mother, Patty and Elizabeth at end of summer work on clinic