October 2018: Our wonderful Mission Trip!

October 13th, 2018

Good morning, Friends and Family!

Am I dragging my feet?  Yes, I am!!  Richard and I returned from Ecuador a week ago.  Perhaps I could get by with ‘exhausted’ for tardiness in an update?!  Your prayers and e-mails encouraged us through an incredible medical mission to three different locations.  This dedicated mission team. . . and having Dra. Silvia back at the clinic (She looks great!) are a joy we want to share with you.

Each clinic location was at the churches in ‘barrios’:  Rodeo (shepherded by Pastor Elvis), Santa Ana (shepherded by Pastor Gabriel) and Picoaza (shepherded by Pastor Leonardo).  A few pictures probably say more to you than my ‘wordiness’ so here are highlights.

I cannot give enough thanks to “Just Jump” Ministry in Sedalia, MO.  They collected/brought a boat load of supplies:  Bibles, hygiene kits, Bible coloring pages + crayons. . . and medications. . . I know I forgot something!




This team worked late two nights sorting and packaging. . . including Dr. Allmon, Dr. Giselle and Pastor Efrain helping.




Our patients ranged from cuddling babies which Cara Harrington (Executive Director of ‘Just Jump’) obviously has NO PROBLEM.


















Thanks to your contributionsample medications were available at each site as Linda Allmon and I filled prescriptions. . . but still found a moment to have a delicious banana the church served. Our clinic dentist, Dra. Carolina came to pitch in with translating when she ran out of patients. (This is NOT unusual.  It took Buen Samaritano 4 years of repeated programs at the school until parents finally began to bring their children in for dental care.  Impoverished do not have dental care as a high health priority.  Usually they only come with a severely infected tooth requiring to be pulled and followed by antibiotics.  As I said, it took 4 years for the Floron Community to see dental care as an important health issue. . . and taught me a lesson on persevering.

Dr. Allmon, LPN Terry and Consuelo Donoso (translator friend from Quito) worked together as a team just as they had three years ago.

We are most thankful for her presence and that of her husband Pastor Efrain who also spent valuable time with each patient.

One afternoon RN Tammy returned early to the clinic and presented a CPR review/demonstration/practice to the Buen Samaritano Staff.  Tammy, come anything you can . . . this was so valuable to the clinic staff.

We are most thankful for her presence and that of her husband Pastor Efrain who also spent valuable time with each patient.















I have missed so many (including people) of the blessings of this trip. . .Student nurses working with us, two local physicians joining us for a time, etc. joy was seeing this mission team join the Buen Samaritano Staff for devotions each morning before leaving for a mission site.  Did everyone on the team speak Spanish? No, but I guarantee you that the Holy Spirit has no lingual boundaries.  We were united in our focus on Jesus and His commands regarding the impoverished.  And again, immense thanks for your support and provisions that made ALL of this        possible. . . . for His glory!

Pastor Meza (day guard) and Jorge (water tech) practicing CPR

Tammy demonstrating











Our Team Photo

Left to right – top to bottom:

Marilyn and Tatiana (cooks), Dolores (administration), Eliana (accountant), Pastor Efrain, Tammy (RN), Elizabeth (RN), Terri (LPN), Linda Allmon (retired teacher), Dr. Allmon, Cara (Executive Director “Just Jump”), Consuelo (interpreter), Richard, Dra. Carolina, Jimmy (van driver), Pastor Alexi (truck driver), Pastor Meza (day guard), Pepe (water tech), Paul (water tech).

Prayer Requests

  • Heartfelt thanksgiving for each individual on this mission team, their personal investment, health and safety during this mission trip.
  • The blessing of Cara Harrington (‘Just Jump’ Ministries, Executive Director) who organized this team and Dra. Silvia Venegas (Buen Samaritano Medical Director) in organizing the pastors and sites.
  • This was our first exposure to the Picoaza Community which opened

      our eyes and laid on my heart the desperate needs of these people which

      Pastor Leo confirmed:  physical filth, rampant spousal abuse, scabies, etc.’

     There was an overwhelming darkness as we entered the area. Please pray for

     Buen Samaritano’s guidance and possible outreach to this community.

  • Please keep Richard in your prayers as he has surgery on Friday for      shoulder replacement; prayers for the surgeon, surgical team and Richard’s uncomplicated healing. . . and thanksgiving for medical care.

Dios los bendiga,

 Elizabeth and Richard <><








PS Where was Richard?!!  Driving and picking us and our supplies each day and in between times ‘priming’ the water technician’s for his long absence following his shoulder replacement surgery.