June 2017(2): Monsoon rains clean up

June 4, 2017

Dear Familia of friends,

Greetings from el Floron, Ecuador! Hopefully, this finds you eagerly embarking on summer . . . For sure, out grandkids are out of school and ready for ‘fun in the sun!’ Down here children have just ended vacation and are back in school.

Richard and I have been back at Buen Samaritano Clinica for over two weeks. Richard has been diligently working to resolving water problems that occurred during the monsoon rains that left both the clinic and water production building flooded. The staff worked from sun up to sundown to bail out water, shovel mud and then sanitize floors and equipment . . . Dra. Silvia related that they worked the weekend (No overtime pay here!) and were able to open only two hours late on Monday morning as patients then flooded the patient waiting room. . . Monsoon rains bring a whole new set of medical problems to the impoverished of el Floron.

Front of Clinic

Front of Clinic

Back of Clinic

Back of Clinic








june.3 june.4 june.7







Sewers get clogged and back up with heavy rains so a lot of Clorox is used during the cleanup. These photos are of our new water production building. The Minister of Health was not happy and requested construction changes to help prevent this from happening in the future. After the bathroom is completed (see below) those construction changes will then be made during this trip. The main floor of the clinic was not affected but the patient waiting room, lab and dental office sit lower and were affected.

This past week Pastor Gruezo and I visited five pastors in the el Floron area with the purpose of sharing and inviting any one in their church or neighborhood that was in a wheelchair or handicapped in other ways. Then, to my great joy and thanksgiving was Pastor Ramon (whom he and his family crew have done all of our construction needs) was able to fit in expanding walls and a door into our patient bathroom, add a handicap bar and then ramps in the front and back entrances to the clinic. (The original owner didn’t include this capability).

Windows being covered up

Windows being covered up

and walls expanded.

and walls expanded.





The first three days (June 12, 13 and 14) will be an introduction (9 -12) to the program.  The first day will be video snippets from World Evangelist Nick Vujicic . . . Perhaps you have seen/heard him.  He was born without legs or arms and now shares Jesus Christ throughout the world.  The second day will be full of food and fun . . . We have a ton of games (Jenga, checkers, Bingo, etc.) AND prizes.  The third day will be spent sharing a very long list of projects: example directions and finished item that they can make, take home or sell in the clinic to earn some income if they choose to.

I am very fortunate to have Dawn Traficanti (from our church – CCPC) winging her way to Ecuador as I type this.  She has been preparing new ideas for projects for weeks; she has really blessed the project.  Please keep her in your prayers for safe travel and health while here.

What I REALLY need . . . and it is getting down to the wire . . . is 3 people that will ‘carry on’ with the wheelchair project when I am not here.  This is SO important. . . Not everyone is comfortable with the handicapped so the need is for three upbeat persons with a desire to share Christ through their compassion for the handicapped . . . Please pray for this need and my trust and patience on The Lord.

Before I go I do want you to know about one more ‘event’.  This Friday we are having a staff/board dinner to honor and celebrate 5 of our staff who have faithfully worked at the clinic for 10 years or more.  Next time I should have pictures.  And, Amy, Cliff Intriago and their two children will be back in Ecuador visiting family.  Amy and Cliff have been an incredible asset to our USA Fundación “Yo Te Amo,” CO board.  You may remember that Amy worked for an entire year at the clinic . . . both Amy and Cliff’s roots continue to run deep for the impoverished in el Floron.

And, I have a bold and very humble request from one of the song leaders from church.  Pastor Ramon is asking if someone (or two to three persons) would consider sponsoring his daughter, Diana Melanie Flores Garcia, to attend the university.  She would like to be an elementary school teacher which would take three years.  I have admirably known the family for 15 years.  The tuition is $220 a month.  She has given me a letter and a picture of her family.  (Questions can be e-mailed to me:  eengkjer@comcast.net)

With that I will close and thank you for your many, many ways of support.  Some of you may be aware that Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church took up a baby clothes and stuffed animal drive under the direction of Al Johnson, Missions Director . . . Our basement looks like “Baby’s R Us” . . . Dra. Silvia continues to prepare now for Christmas as hundreds are still homeless from the earthquake devastation a year ago this past April.  Sincerest thanks to those donors.

Prayer Requests:

*Special thanksgiving for the five Buen Samaritano employees that have been with us over 10 years

*Travel and health for Dawn Traficanti as she begins a short term mission with the Wheelchair Project.

*Three dedicated persons to act in my behalf for the Wheelchair Project

*More distributors for Buen Samaritano Water

Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth    <><