July 2018: “Christmas In July” fundraiser

July 20, 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

Wow!  Now that was an incredible ‘Christmas in July’. . . . all the way from the wonderful sweet treats and the hands that provided them to the hostesses that graciously greeted our guests.  And for those of you that received the evites thanks for your patients. . . It would have taken Richard forever to weed out those of you that are a long distance away or out of state.

We had a surprise when three ladies showed up that said they walked down from the regional swim meet going on two blocks away. . . and they said they would make an announcement since many got bored at the all day event with a child in an 8am heat and sitting until the 4pm heat. We were delighted!

Our newest addition to the fundraiser was the children’s projects tent which art teacher, Ann Steers and son managed during two very warm days!  Projects ranged from Cheerio bird canes, Baby Jesus coloring pages to lovely lacey angels.  Thank you, Mrs. Steers. . .

I could go on and on. . . Jennifer Hanson brought us lunch each day. . . She quietly glided in with something delicious and was gone.  So, what did I do? Well, I enjoyed every minute!  (Richard on the other hand was in charge of taking ‘donations’ and that kept him out of trouble!)

One area of our decorated home!

Summing it all up:  The Lord blessed us from every faucet:  Friends to help, a wonderful array of people in attendance, and donations more than worthy of everyone’s efforts.

In about two weeks we will return to Ecuador.  This is the longest we’ve been home in the summer for many years; and we certainly have enjoyed this time.  But, return we must with the upcoming medical mission the very end of September.  And, we are still praying on how to handle the new visa regulations.  I was in error; if we go with the nine month visa it means that in the course of 12 months we must be in Ecuador 9 months. . . but we can return to the States during that time. . . So that is a little more palatable.

If you remember I asked you to be praying for our medical director, Dra. Silvia for over four months.  She has two malignant nodules on her thyroid.  Our staff has medical benefits. . . but that has been the hold up for all this time.  The details are unbelievable!!  When I was still at the clinic it was the second month of ‘stalling’. . . and she was told that they were no longer doing surgeries and weren’t sure if it would be a month or a year before they began surgeries again. . . She was finally sent to a private facility and they would not accept the government clinic’s lab reports, x-rays, etc and said it all must be repeated.  As of today, Dra. Silvia is having all the preliminary surgical workup repeated.  We are hoping she will receive a surgery date sometime next week.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.

Since we have been gone for a rather long time it will be interesting to see how our young water men have ‘performed’.  Richard hasn’t received any information  or problems from them. . . We are praying that they were able to trouble shoot any problems that came up, etc.

Thank you for your support, your prayers.  We’re ready and eager to visit our family away from home.  Hope everyone is having an enjoyable and relaxing summer.

Dios los bendiga,

Elizabeth and Richard