October 2017: Following our Mission Statement

October 29, 2017

Dear Family of Friends,

Two weeks and two days and I am returning home . . . and leaving Richard behind to ‘beef up’ water production and distributors. It seemed like two month’s work were packed into those two+ weeks, mainly from staff changes.

Richard’s days have been FULL going through a stack of applications for two persons to work in the water and a person to work at the walk up, water window on Saturdays, 8 -12. Dra. Silvia and Richard do the interviewing. This should be simple; however, the majority of these young men are from the church. Word has gotten around that FYTA is an American Foundation and that we abide by the law regarding contracts, health benefits, holiday pay, etc. It is not only Biblical; we are obliged as guests in a foreign land to obey their laws. . . No wonder we have a stack of applications. . . The word is that many Ecuadorian employers do not abide by the law. Carlos (after a year wait) received his entrance date to the police academy; Rodrigo (a recent hire) asked to replace Carlos as night guard; Christian was hired to replace Rodrigo in water production, Paul was added as a fourth and Marta (not pictured) was hired to work at the ‘water window’ on Saturdays from 8am – 12noon. Jose and Jorge (our most senior water staff members) are also not pictured.

Rodrigo-our night guard

Rodrigo-our night guard

Carlos dressed for the police academy

Carlos dressed for police academy











Cristhian (new)

Cristhian (new)

Paul (new)

Paul (new)









Remember “The Messenger,” a hand held, solar powered recorder containing 35 sermons by Dr. Charles Stanley? Now they have expanded beyond Floron to two pastors (one in Portoviejo and the other to Chone) and Pastor Gruezo had his stock replenished.








Thanks to Cherry Creek Presbyterian Church our patient waiting room is able to continue handing out Bibles. And you, my friends, have unknowingly provided more copy paper so I could run off more children’s Bible story coloring pages for the patient waiting room. . . Yes, Bible verses in Spanish!

“The dye is set.”. . . From Shakespeare in one of his writings, maybe “Macbeth”? I previously mentioned the “Wheelchair Project”. After praying for many months I realized that a big problem was transportation so I included a handicapped vehicle in my prayers; then I asked three close friends to pray. Here are their responses:

* “Elizabeth, why wouldn’t God want you to do this?”
* “ Wow! If you had transportation you could also take them to church.”
* “Well, Elizabeth, you aren’t getting any younger.” And she laughed.

That last comment was extremely motivating. And, one of my best friends from junior high-Susan Warweg- opened my eyes to hard facts about purchasing a mini handicapped van/bus: “Think beyond the purchasing price: there is insurance, a driver, gas and upkeep.” That made me gasp but what does the part of Proverbs 31:8a & 9b (“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves . . . defend the rights of the poor and needy.”) really mean?

So, December 6 we will have an Open House for the Floron Community. Now, I am investigating how many shut-ins we really have. Our lawyer, Flori directed me to the Ministerio de Inclusion y Economica. They will have the names of the presidents of all the various handicapped groups and we will invite these program presidents to the Open House. Stay tuned in; this will all take ‘a little work’.

Before I go here are the dates for our Fall Fundraisers:

November 4 & 5 (Saturday 9-6/Sunday8-4) Queen of Peace Church; 13120 E. Kentucky Avenue; Aurora
November 11 & 12 (Saturday 9-4/Sunday 9-3); Evergreen Lutheran Church;5980 Highway 73; Evergreen 80439
November 14 (Tuesday 4-8) Bear Valley Church; 10001 W. Jewell Avenue; Lakewood
November 17 & 18, (Friday 9-4; Saturday 9-2) No Frills/’Warehouse Sale’, The Engkjer’s’ home; 6070 S. Nome Street; Englewood 80111 (We sincerely apologize for the confusion regarding this event)
November 30, December 1 & 2 (Thursday 1-10, Friday 10-10 & Saturday10-6) South Fellowship Church; 6560 S. Broadway; Littleton 80121
December 2 (Saturday 9-3) First Christian Church; 1814 Emerson Street; Denver 80210

Please come and bring a friend if you can. This is a wonderful opportunity to ‘buy once, give twice’ for Christmas and instill the true meaning of Christmas to your children. As you know ALL proceeds for purchases from “Yo Te Amo” support Buen Samaritano Clinic located in impoverished Floron, Ecuador. And, there are many other ministries from around the world at these other locations. Please keep these events in your prayers as we and they attempt to address world poverty, halt trafficking of drugs and humanity, bring clean water to villages and teach job skills so individuals can develop respect and responsibility for their families. Jesus has said, “In as much as you do it to one of the least of these you do it to me.” May this Thanksgiving and Christmas find us breaking the bonds of race, religion and culture . . . And in our wounded world loving your neighbor as yourself . . . and discovering true peace, contentment and joy!

Dios los bendiga,

Elizabeth and Richard