August 2018: A quick trip to Ecuador

August 13, 2018

Dear Friends and Family,

Hello from the Houston International Airport!  It has been a few months since we have been back to Ecuador and we almost feel like traveling strangers.  It took us almost 24 hours to get from DIA to Houston. . . Flights were full, so we spent yesterday watching those flights leave without us!  At 8:40 there was a seat for me (almost ‘HURRAY’) . . . only to have the plane have a mechanical problem and off we all piled. But, by 9:30pm we (this time including Richard – some disgruntled passengers gave up and went home) were on our way again. By 2am… two hotels, 2 taxis and too late for the Quito flight…we collapsed in bed.  (this WAS ‘HALLELUJAH’!)

This will be a brief trip due to the new Ecuadorian visa law.  But we are thankful that after almost five months Dra. Silvia is finally scheduled for surgery on Thursday, August 16th.  Please keep Dra. Silvia, her family and the medical/surgical teams in your prayers.  You may recall that this is regarding the two malignant nodules on her thyroid.

Since we are there, Richard will, of course see how the four ‘Water Specialists’ are progressing in sales and skills.  And, after receiving a very generous donation Richard will secure a generator that is able to cover the needs of the entire water production during power outages.  This is a major praise and answer to many prayers.

Dios los bendiga,

Elizabeth and Richard