2016: A year to be thankful!

December 30, 2016

Dear Family and Friends,

 The year is now sailing out of view as we look back on all the events in the United States, our “world” in Ecuador and the world at large. Every year is a challenge in a variety of different ways. However, this year exceedingly so with Ecuador’s ‘terra moto’ (earthquake) last April. The earthquakes/aftershocks continued for weeks. Downtown Portoviejo (one of 3 hardest hit) still looks like a war zone even after the rubble has been cleared away. There are many, many vacant lots yet to be filled with new construction and multiple blocks of businesses that still remain closed due to no water or electricity. Other cities that were affected remain in the same condition.

 We cannot thank you enough for your prayers and financial support – blessings that allowed us to move through it all. Previous updates showed you the repairs needed for three of our clinic compound walls. Most of one wall of our large storage building had to be replaced. I just finished that before my return home for Christmas.

 news 12.16.1news.12.16.2

news 12.16.3

news 12.16.4

Would you believe that all four of the adult workers first name is Jose?

new 12.16.5 news 12.16.6

Looking pretty good! We then began the job of cleaning, painting and organizing!!



In the last update we also reported the incredible blessing by one couple who sent a check to cover 80% of the cost for a new truck. The truck will enable us to deliver water outside of Floron and thus increase revenue for the clinic. I am thrilled to report that I was able to make the purchase and we now have this beautiful truck. All the advertising decals and a canopy over the bed are needed and to train our drivers when I return.

new 12.16.7

Pedro Vicente Cedeño, who lives in El Floron (where our clinic is), was abandoned by his wife, leaving him with his 2 month old son. Pedro’s mom is diabetic and disabled. He lost his job and now he is taking care of his infant son. Since he does not have the money, he is feeding his son with tapioca which is too strong for babies and different than formula. He is in need of formula, diapers, wet wipes, clothes, etc.

new 12.16.8 new 12.16.9

Our medical director, Dra. Silvia, was asked to visit Pedro to find out what his continuing needs will be. The clinic can provide water, formula and diapers … because of your contributions.

The last update showed you Pastor Gruezo’s home under new construction. Here’s a view of its completion and Pastor Gruezo with wife Jacqueline (lovingly known to the locals as “salt and pepper”). This construction manpower was totally at the volunteer hands of Pastor Gruezo’s congregation.

new 12.16.10 new 12.16.11







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new 12.16.13

As you may or may not know that soccer in Ecuador is their “football” and they start training at a very young age. Pictured here at a field right next to our clinic are “tots in training.”

Our medical director, Dra. Silvia – who has been with us for the past 11 years, asked to distribute all the wonderful used (but looking new) toys along with a small bag of candy. This year 350 children from the Florón, the Municipal Dump, Loma del Viento, El Rodeo, Canuto received a toy and a melting of candies.

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We would like to continue doing this as a tradition from our clinic. In 2017 we will start collecting used but in good shape stuffed animals to give to the children next Christmas. If you are able to help, please contact us at the address in the header.

 Prayer requests:

  1. Thanksgiving and praise for the donors that funded the purchase of a new truck so water distributors can be expanded beyond El Floron and aid in the clinic moving toward self-sustaining ability.
  2. Thanksgiving for the dedication of our clinic staff; pray for continued attendance at morning devotions.
  3. Thanksgiving for the success of our 7 fall and Christmas fundraisers.

 Needs: baby diapers, very good condition stuffed animals, good condition children’s clothing, and baby formula.

 May 2017 move each of us closer to walking in Jesus’ footsteps, to love as He loves us and bless others as He blesses each of us.

Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth