March 2017: Our mini-medical mission

March 13, 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

3.17.1 3.17.2

 3.17.3 3.17.4We are perspiring like a ‘choncho’ down here. . . Did I say that!?!   Well, maybe I did but so has everyone else here!!  However, despite the horrific humidity, taunting temperatures and multiple monsoon rains the combined efforts of Dra. Claire Gahm (pediatric resident currently from Cleveland), Dra. Veronica Astudillo (Buen Samaritano Practitioner), Dra. Carolina Garcia (Odonatologist and Dra. Silvia’s daughter) and Delores Mesa (Buen Samaritano’s Office Manager) saw and treated 462 patients during our week long mini-medical mission in Rocafuerte.  This meant travelling daily back and forth from El Floron . . . about an hour each way.

Our sincere gratitude to Pastor Jhon Sanchez and wife Yajaira and their church staff for organizing this community and each day serving us a wonderful lunch. Friday afternoon culminated with a church service where Hermana Yajaira spoke to the community moms on Deuteronomy 7:9: “Know therefore that the Lord your God is God; he is the faithful God, keeping his covenant of love to a thousand generations of those who love him and keep his commands.” This was followed by having each of the mission team share a few words to the moms and children followed by moms expressing their appreciation for the team coming. And the pictures show the precious aftermath between physicians, moms and children.



Meanwhile, ‘back at the ranch’ Buen Samaritano Clinic was experiencing ‘cosmetic surgery’ as broken floor tiles were replaced (due to the earthquake last year), a wheel chair ramp put in at the entrance to the ‘big bodega’ (our storage building) and the original water purification system on the roof being converted into a storage room for paint, brushes, etc. All of this is preparation for the Wheelchair Project.



Mixing cement for the wheelchair ramp into the bodega.

3.10.9 3.10.10

Using “man-power” with a pulley to hoist the concrete bricks to the roof.

We are still open to ideas for projects, preferably from ‘throw away’ items. For example, we have a darling pin cushion made out of a tuna can, an old cd disc, a little foam rubber and a small piece of material . . . and another idea from Dra. Silvia is all these incredible items made out of rolled newspaper . . . . The church congregation has been wonderful in throwing old newspapers our way. If you care to look at these ideas go to: U Tube: Cesteria de papel. (Yes, it is in Spanish.) You will see numerous ideas made from newspaper.

And the truck is back sporting its new canopy. Today it went on its first deliveries with Carlos driving and Richard and Jorge riding along to five distributors in el Floron. Too, too exciting! But, that was a lot of water bottles and Richard and Pastor Mesa now assist when needed in cleaning, sterilizing and filling bottles to meet the demand. Actually, today is a new, government holiday and private industry can choose to work or not work. After last week I was ready for a three day weekend but guess who won out? And it is true; Monday is the busiest day for patients and also for the water sales. I am glad we are open . . . it is VERY busy!!

Well, I wanted to tell you about our mini-medical mission of 462 patients, how the Wheelchair Project is progressing and the very first water delivery in the handsome new truck.  Bless your every prayer and contribution; I am sure you are aware of The Lord moving in hearts to make all of this happen.  As I told the moms and children in Rocafuerte, this is ALL such a privilege to be a part of. . .

 Our Prayer Requests:

  • Thanksgiving for Dra. Claire Gahm returning at such a perfect time so we could see many more patients during the mini medical mission. . .  as well as Dra’s Veronica and Carolina plus Delores’ helping hands and Eliana filling Delores place in the office.  (WOW! GOD!!)

  • Continued praise for the new truck and supplication for new distributors.

  • Thanksgiving for the church congregation for their support and supplying the used newspapers for the Wheel Chair Project.

  • And lastly, thanksgiving for our FYTA Board and all the time, energy and Ideas that they are currently involved in for our April 21/22 Open House/Fundraiser at our home.  May their efforts be blessed and ultimately bless many impoverished through the efforts of Buen Samaritano Clinica and Water.

Dios los bendiga,

Richard and Elizabeth    <><