September 2018: Musings about our staff!

September 26th, 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

Buenos días from Ecuador!  As we all are scurrying to prepare for the medical team that arrives Saturday evening I have been musing off and on about our staff and what a joy they are to work with . . . really ‘salt of the earth’.  So, here is part of our staff that you have supported to further their education as they keep up full time work and make it to devotions on time:

Hermana Delores: business administration

Hermano Fabricio: law school






And Hermana Diana who is not working at the clinic but active in the church (Sunday school teacher in Floron 8) and in nursing school which she finds very challenging.

Hermana Batchi is doing her internship for business administration here at the clinic with Hermana Eliana as her mentor.







And Hermano Carlos (who worked in the water for many years) continues at the Police Academy thanks to the USA support he receives for food which the Academy quite supplying two months after he began. . . This caused some cadets to drop out.

Hermana Angelita

Hermano Jose






Then, an update on Dra. Silvia who had her thyroid removed a month ago and just returned to work Monday.  She has remaining cancer cells that they will be keeping an eye on. . . We are so happy to have her back as ongoing prayers continue.

And here is a picture from our Senior’s Project when we celebrate Hermano Ramone’s 94th birthday last month. The entire staff attended grand the occasion.

Please keep our medical team in your prayers for safety and health while they are here and on their journey to and from Missouri.  This is an incredible blessing for us. . . and most unexpected!

We all return to The States on October 5th . . . and Richard prepares for total shoulder replacement surgery on the 19th.  So, I will tie him to the recliner if he insists he insists he is “fine”. . . But, I hear this is a long recuperation time. . . Thus, he is attempting to get ‘everything’ done before he leaves.  Your prayers are more than appreciated.

Dios los bendiga,

Elizabeth and Richard