We have an urgent need for a water delivery truck!

Please consider helping us raise money to buy a delivery truck so that we can distribute clean water, at affordable prices, to our community!

This is our goal: $26,000 needs to be raised to buy a delivery truck for the purified water that is produced at our clinic. We see our water purification plant as the future of our mission clinic, El Buen Samaritano. We are confident that the clinic can be self-sustainable in 5 years time with the profits of this water being delivered and sold to the community.

Currently we are using a small motorcycle cart that is broken down more often than not. Because of that, we need to buy this truck by year’s end.

We see this purchase as one of the most practical ways that we, in the U.S., can serve those less fortunate than ourselves in Ecuador at this time. There are many waiting for a way to receive this clean water. Most have no transportation themselves. We are anxious to serve them and be able to ensure the sustainability of El Buen Samaritano for many years to come!



OUR GOAL: $26,000







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Please continue to pray for the people of Ecuador, not just for FYTA but for everyone who has been affected by the devastating earthquake last April. Strong aftershocks are continuing to occur.

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