What you can do to help the people of El Floron!

We are asking you to join us in prayer regarding the earthquake in Ecuador on Saturday, April 16th. As of this moment (4/20), the fatalities are at 570, with 7,000 injured and 25,000 in shelters.

The purpose of Fundacion “Yo Te Amo”, Colorado, is to bring the saving grace of Jesus Christ to the un-churched through medicine, medical missions and clean water. El Buen Samaritano medical clinic provides medical treatment to the 25,000 impoverished residents of El Floron and our newly renovated water purification plant distributes much needed clean water to this community. El Floron is a suburb of Portoviejo, which was one of the hardest hit areas. Thankfully, there has been minimal damage to our clinic and water plant. We continue to pray for the needs of our residents for food, water and safety.

Many have asked, “WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP?” It’s a tough one.

Here are our thoughts:

~Check, like and share our Facebook page, Yo Te Amo, CO, daily (you are our best vehicle for spreading the word/needs).
~Send encouraging Facebook messages to those in El Floron via our Facebook page (don’t worry, we can translate!). They visit our page, too.
~Please, PLEASE continue to pray.
~Evangelism is needed…the looting has gotten out of control. There is a different way, and they need to hear it.
~Make an online donation at www.fyta.org to cover extra baggage weight costs, relief aid, and other needs as they arise.
~WATER is the desperate need! Water!! Now, more than ever we need the money to buy a delivery truck for the purified water we produce. Many are thirsty, especially in Manta (about 40 min. from the clinic).
~Look for updates for upcoming fundraiser events…we love to see you show up and show the love!

Prayer Requests:

-Thanksgiving for the safety of the clinic and its staff.


-Intercession prayer for all the families that have lost members and homes resulting from the earthquake.


-Thanksgiving for the minimal damage to the clinic and water purification building and equipment.


-To provide the need for clinic tents for shelter for the residents of El Floron, whose home walls have collapsed. 


-Wisdom and discernment for the Engkjer’s imminent return to El Floron this coming Sunday.

Please watch for updates in our recent newsletters!